Red is the new Black.

I confess, I get a BIG kick out of flying with my GoBQ. Is that weird? There’s just something rebellious and bad-ass about bringing my GRILL on an airplane. I try to take it with me on vacations and even business trips because I’m always on the hunt for new and amazing places to grill a meal.

I’ll admit when I first traveled with our earlier GoBQ prototypes, I was nervous it would get confiscated by security. But as long as you don’t pack charcoal or a lighter or starter fluid, you’ll be fine. And it fits easily under the seat or in the overhead compartment.

My last trip was to New York City. While my lovely wife was stuck working at a conference, I hiked over to East River park to grill me some lunch on a gorgeous sunny fall day.

Random biker dude all too happy to accept grilled food from strangers.

And then there was THIS guy… who was thrilled with both the brat AND the grill. I think his name was Ned, or maybe Tim, and he’s an avid biker and actor who just got a role on a new TV series with a bunch of other famous actors but of course I forget who. Another GoBQ fan is born!

Soon it was time to pack up and go. I made a makeshift container out of tinfoil, dumped the hot coals in there, and then poured water over them to submerge and fully extinguish the coals. After they had sufficiently cooled, I double-wrapped the container in more foil and disposed of the package in a metal trash bin. Then I shook as much of the ash dust as I could out of the base, and folded everything back up. The dirtiest parts of the grill are the grate and inside of the base, but when folded up inside the lid all that mess is contained so it could be packed into my backpack and cleaned more thoroughly once I get back home.

I call this one “GoBQ Down By The River”.

It was a great trip and a perfect day for urban grilling. So if you have any upcoming travel plans, BYOG!

Do you have your own GoBQing adventure to share? If so we’d love to hear it, send us your story using our contact form and if we post it (with your permission) we’ll send you a snazzy GoBQ Bottle opener!

Hey check out my Carry-on Grill!

Please place all belts, laptops, shoes and GRILLS in bin.

Hey look at that big bridge.

Mmm, that’s a tasty Brat!