Leave the lid on as much as possible.

It’s fall in Michigan. A time of harvest, days afield, family and friends. One of my favorite things to toss on the grill this time of year is wild duck breast wrapped in bacon. Cooked to a perfect bite then glazed with a sweet a BBQ sauce.

This recipe is as simple as it gets. It can be done with any wild game. It also goes well with lean beef or lamb. I’ll admit I have even given this a go with nice cubes of SPAM.

Here’s what you need to make this happen:

  • Bacon, I like thick bacon. Wild game is very lean. The bacon acts to protect the lean meat from burning as much as adding some great flavor.
  • Meat of your choice.
  • Seasonings of your choice. I like to use salt, pepper, garlic powder and a bit of paprika. Please use whatever seasoning you like here. At the end of the day all meat really needs is salt and fire everything else is a bonus.
  • A bit of your favorite BBQ sauce. Just enough to give a good coat to your wraps.
  • Skewers, bamboo or steel your choice.
  • Some tongs for turning the skewers.

Trim up the meat, cut it into cubes.

Put a half a load of briquettes in your GoBQ, about 25 or so, and get them started. I’m a big fan of Weber Starter Cubes and Kingsford Original when it comes to the GoBQ. It allows me to start one corner of the briquettes in the fire basket. This gives a bit of a direct and indirect cooking zone without making any alteration to the fire basket itself.

While those briquettes are heating up, trim up the meat and cut it into cubes the best you can. About 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. This is hard to do with meat. I mean, it’s not really a symmetrical product but don’t worry, close counts here.

Season the meat.

Season the meat however you like at this point. Now cut up some bacon. Cut the strips into thirds. Wrap a third of a slice of bacon around the meat and get it on a skewer. 6 or 7 pieces of wrapped meat per skewer is good. Repeat until you have all your skewers built. Now season them again. Same spices or add some different ones. It’s your world here. Make yourself happy.

Time to get on the GoBQ.

Wrap a third of a slice of bacon around the meat and skewer.

The coals don’t all need to be going to get started. If a good handful are nice and hot then get grilling. I find it better to cook over a small handful of coals that are burning rather than all of them smoking hot with nowhere safe to move the skewers to in case of flare up. Don’t leave your post! Stay with the grill. Leave the lid on as much as possible. Move the skewers as needed to crisp the bacon and keep away from flare ups. It’s a slow dance. Don’t rush it.

Cook over a small handful of coals that are burning…

Once the bacon is nice and crisp all around the meat is going to be close to done. Time to apply a nice coat of BBQ sauce while the meat finishes. Not too much, just a nice glazing. Use the tongs and paint it around a bit. Let that set a few minutes. Then give the skewers a flip and do the same thing on the other side. Be careful here. BBQ sauce has lots of sugar so it burns quickly. Like I said don’t leave your post!

That’s it! Get these skewers off the GoBQ and let them cool a bit before you dive in.

I love cooking outdoor. Going from field to table has never been faster now that you can easily take the GoBQ wherever you travel.

Thanks for reading. Now get outside and cook!

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