Nebraska vs Northwestern

Mission Accomplished! GBR and GoBQ!

GoBQ Setup Demo

Sets up in seconds, no tools required!

1) Folded up2) Open Lid3) Remove Base4) Remove grate5) Unfold base5) Unfold base6) Add and light coals7) Place grate8) Place lid

Where to GoBQ…

Welcome to grilling freedom!

GoBQ on the dock... at the park!...at the lakeshore!

Convenient Storage

Easy to pack, easy to store!

Fits in a small backpack...Store it in a closet!

Easy Cleanup

Cools off faster than metal grills!

Dump the coals...Cools fast, fold it right back up...Easy cleanup.

Grilling on the GoBQ

Anybody hungry yet?

Ignition!Almost ready to cook.Mmmmmm cheeeeseburgerrrrrrrsss...Nothing beats grilling!