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How do you clean a GoBQ?2020-03-12T16:50:55-07:00

Cleanup is a cinch – usually a quick rinse with a garden hose when you get back from your adventure is all you need.

The fabric lid and base is made of a durable non-stick silicone-coated fiberglass fabric. Cleaning recommendations vary depending on the amount of grease, how/when you’re transporting it, and where/when you’re storing it.

For bigger messes, here are some pro cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your GoBQ in tip-top condition.


A FOILED PLAN: Slip a sheet of tinfoil or tin drip pan under the Charcoal Basket to catch extra grease that doesn’t burn up in the coals. This will make cleanup much easier and also help prevent any possible grease fires from degrading the coating on the fabric. This is especially helpful for indirect grilling or smoking, and/or grilling extra greasy foods or recipes that involve messy marinades or sauces. For multiple meals with heavy grease, discard the foil after the grill has cooled and replace with new foil for each new meal.


Cleaning the Grate: While the grill is still hot, use a grill brush or spatula to scrape off excess food and sauce residue from the grilling grate.

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS dump any remaining charcoal and ash before folding, transporting or storing the GoBQ. Follow the charcoal manufacturer’s instructions for proper handling and disposal. Shake out as much ash as you can before folding and/or cleaning.

Transporting: Most of the mess will be inside the base of the grill, and since the lid becomes the carrying case, the messy parts are contained in the lid. In most cases, before cleaning, the GoBQ can still be carried home in a backpack or over your shoulder without getting things dirty or smelly. Once you get home, you can then more thoroughly clean the grill for storage.

Cleaning the Base & Lid: If there’s not a lot of grease, simply spraying out the the base and lid interior with a garden hose can suffice. However for a more thorough cleaning, especially if you plan to store it inside or folded up anywhere for a long period of time, use dish soap and warm water with a non-abrasive plastic brush or sponge. You can even put it in the dishwasher, just unfold the base and turn it upside down on the bottom rack, and put the lid on the top rack!


Does the GoBQ fabric emit any funky fumes that affect the taste of the food?2020-03-12T16:51:51-07:00

NOPE! The non-stick silicone-coated fabric is non-toxic. It’s the same type of FDA compliant material that’s used in grilling mats, baking mats, and commercial oven conveyor belts. And there are no chemical coatings, additives, adhesives or bonding agents. Plus the fabric does not come into contact with the food. The grilling grate is made of good old fashioned plated steel and rolls up to fit in the lid.

How long will the GoBQ last?2020-03-12T16:52:01-07:00

The GoBQ is rugged, sturdy and constructed from custom, high-quality parts. Still, much like a pair of running shoes, it all depends on how often you use it. Under typical usage conditions and with proper maintenance it should last over 50 cooks, which for some people could be 5-6 years, and for others it could last a lifetime.

What kind of charcoal do you recommend for the GoBQ?2020-03-12T16:52:08-07:00

You can use charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. We recommend briquettes because they’re easier to measure and arrange, and have fewer small pieces that could fall through the basket and increase the wear rate on the replaceable Ember Guard. We also recommend using either match-light charcoal or starter cubes/sticks. Do not use starter fluid.

Is GoBQ Grills looking for investors?2020-03-12T16:52:42-07:00

Why yes we are! You can learn all about our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign at https://StartEngine.com/GoBQ-Grills


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