About the Company

Founded in 2012, GoBQ Grills is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Units are assembled and fulfilled in Florida. We ship directly to outdoor grilling enthusiasts worldwide, and continue to grow our company and expand our line of portable grills and accessories.  So if you’d like to be a GoBQ-er too, click here to order yours today!

About the GoBQ grill

In case you missed it, most of the glorious poetry about the GoBQ grill is over yonder on the home page.

Our History

Ever feel shackled to your backyard, or limited to grilling a few steps from your car because traditional grills — even the “portable” ones — are just too bulky and heavy to take with you? We did too.

It all began in 2002 when Eric Goeken — a young broke college punk without a car — wanted to tailgate with his buddies before the game. But lugging a bulky, heavy grill across campus on foot or by bike was out of the question. And even if… what do you do with the grill when you’re ready to go to the game? An idea was born. Invent a truly mobile grill that folds up, can fit in a backpack, and when you’re done you can just bring it right into the game with you!

Fast forward 12 years, an architecture degree, a patent, a bunch of prototypes and a successful crowdfunding campaign later: Today Eric’s a 30-something hipster without a car (he drives a truck though) — and he and his business partner Todd Zaroban have developed that idea into an amazing product that grilling fans are clamoring over… the GoBQ Grill. It’s the ultimate outcome — merging three of their favorite things — friends, food and the outdoors!

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