This could be the grill of your dreams

Introducing the GoBQ Grill. (Yes, that’s a grill!). Made from fire and heat resistant fabric, it folds up to fit in a backpack and can be stored in a drawer. No longer must you be confined to grilling within the boundaries of your backyard, or steps from your SUV. Now you can grill away from it all.

The GoBQ is lightweight, extremely compact, and incredibly fast and easy to set up. It makes all those so-called “portable” grills look like giant bulky clunky clumsy metal contraptions because, well, they are. Perfect for tailgating, camping, the beach, and holiday gifts!

The GoBQ is ONLY available here and inventory is limited, so order yours now. Ships in 1-3 days*.
*International orders ship in 1-7 days


  • ULTRA-COMPACT: Folds down to 17% of its volume to easily fit in a backpack, store in a drawer, or stow in the overhead compartment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 9 lbs.
  • COOLS FAST: The heat-resistant fabric base and body cools down 7X faster than metal.
  • 20-SECOND SETUP: No tools required for assembly, ready to go right out of the box.
  • 14″x14″ GRILL: Fits enough food to feed several happy campers!

See it to Believe it!


The base and lid structure is made from durable yet flexible silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, which can withstand very high temperatures. This type of fabric is already used in the food and restaurant industry for oven conveyor belts and grilling mats, so it’s safe for cooking.

The fabric also cools down much faster than metal, is water resistant, and easy to clean. After you dump the coals and ash, you can pack it up and quickly be on your way.


The GoBQ folds down to 17% of it’s volume, and unfolds to become a complete grilling system WITH a lid.

All those other so-called “portable” grills sacrifice functionality or portability, either they’re too heavy and bulky, or they’re too small and rickety, or they’re missing a lid. The GoBQ is the best of both worlds.


The side and top handles are made from custom molded heat resistant glass reinforced nylon. The ergonomic design provides easy handling, and special holes added to hang GoBQ portable grilling tools (which are in development!).


The high tech design of the plated steel charcoal basket elevates the coals above the side vents for excellent air flow. It folds open and closed while attached to the base so no tools are required, the GoBQ is ready to go right our of the box.

Vent holes in the base and lid provide ample air flow to keep the fire hot. Bottom vents are positioned on the sides so embers and ash don’t spill out of the grill while cooking.


Grate rest brackets keep the grilling grate in position so it doesn’t slide around while you’re flipping burgers.